My wife Jill and I relocated to the west from Ohio in 2010 and we were amazed at the vast architectural beauty evident in and around Boise, Idaho. We have been blessed to work with many firms in the areas of architecture, construction, engineering, and real estate development to record their work.

My love of photography began at The Ohio State University when I took an introductory photography course. I love and appreciate the digital age and all the creative technology that is available. I use film as well, both color and black and white and am amazed by the ability to transfer film images into digital format for printing purposes.

Since moving to Idaho, our images have been featured in local and national magazines and have helped our clients gain business awards and certifications. Our images with accompanying manuscripts have also found their way into various national magazines.

We have been blessed with this creative gift called photography to showcase the beauty of God’s grace to all of us. It’s a passion that keeps us motivated to take that next image.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please have as much pleasure in viewing these images as we have had in creating them.

God Bless
Marc & Jill Walters

Jill Walters
Marc Walters